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20 years of experience in feed production

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The port of shipment

  • Completes each link, ensure goods, export smoothly
  • Products are sold in 17 countries in the world
  • Neat, make sure without damage,
  • supervise packing ensure the safety of packing
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  • Corn protein powder, smooth to arrive at the port
  • Chicken powder, safe arrival, smooth shipment
  • Ensure the quality, ensure the quantity, make sure without damage
  • Ensure the quality, ensure the quantity, make sure without damage
  • Contact with customers, inform the packing case

Our strength

  • We are China's largest feed-grade product development and production units.
  • We have a professional product R & D production base.

Quality assurance

  • We strictly control every link in the production of the products.
  • We have more than 20 years experience in feed production


  • Our products are complete in variety and quantity.
  • Any feed product can be found here.

Adequate supply

  • We have a large production base, to ensure adequate supply of products.
  • Our products are sold all over the world

Contact memore

Service hotline:+86-543-2157688 5072177 5072077


Ouradvantagefutian zhengda Four advantages

Choose us, so that your business is more excellent!

20 years of research and development experience in optical fiber products

01.20 yearsexperienceWe are more professional!

Engaged in feed production, we R & D and production for nearly 20 years

02.Senior R & D teamWith the international leading technology!

We have a professional R & D team, and first-class brand long-term cooperation

03.Many customersProvide the first line of feed products

We cooperate with South Africa, Southeast Asia, Russia, Venice Group and other long-term cooperation.

04.Strong strengthWork with top customers

We have long-term strategic cooperation in South Africa, Southeast Asia, Russia and other countries

Global unified service hotline:+86-543-2157688 5072177 5072077



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spain customer

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About usMore+

About us

About us

Shandong Futianzhengda Blology Technology Co.,Ltd China,which becomes the largest self-managed limited exported company of north of Shandong,Mainly supplys the futher processing of agricultural product and agriculture by-duct,the living creature product ,animal fodder,the marine lift product.The rate of exported productis over 90%.The company which owns fast fund USD6,000,000,with 457employees, and covers 110.000 square meters.Tianjin port is to north,Qingdao port and Dongying port are to the east.The transportation is leading everywhere,and the goods export is very convenient. Series of cornproduct, Granule Corn Gluten Meal, Powdery Corn Gluten Meal , soya protein concentrate (feed grade),and rice protein concentrat(feedgrade).Degrease fishmeal ,Pea Protein Powder biological fodder.etc ,Every year,the capacities of it as follow corn gluten me…...


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